Partner Bios

Bill Carle

Bill Carle, Jr. was the third-generation leader of Lakeshore Studios, a high-end domestic lighting manufacturer founded in 1954 and originally based in Chicago and later relocated to Michigan.

In 1998, Bill launched Stonegate Designs to challenge industry standards. Stonegate Designs quickly earned the 20th Annual Arts Award for the leading lighting fixture manufacturer in the industry.

As a domestic manufacturer with significantly board capabilities to make light fixtures of any size or complexity, Stonegate Designs quickly and quietly gained traction as a build-to-spec lighting source for the hospitality industry.

While the Stonegate Designs showroom product lines enjoyed success, Bill made the strategic decision to divest of the retail lighting business and “Stonegate” brand to focus on the significant growth opportunities he was seeing in the exploding hospitality and multi-family markets.

In addition, Bill saw the need to expand his domestic capabilities focused primarily on common-area fixtures and add the capabilities and experience of overseas manufacturing brought by his partners.

Jeff Kovacs

Jeff Kovacs brings 45 years of experience in the decorative lighting business with significant expertise in hospitality lighting spanning 38 years through his company Lighting Enterprises.

His predecessor company was a key manufacturer of portable light fixtures sold through major US retailers.

In addition, Jeff brings an added dimension to Illume with his involvement in the LED space since 2006, working with a number of the initial founders of the LED industry.

Steve Machiorlette

Steve Machiorlette brings over 15 years of experience in the decorative lighting business and previous experience in commercial real estate development.

He has extensive experience in overseas manufacturing of proprietary lighting products for America’s most recognized retail brands, who rely on him for market knowledge and quality products.

Steve also understands the needs of design professionals and real estate developers that demand high quality products, responsive service and competitive pricing.

His responsibilities include managing our scalable business infrastructure and major account relationships.