Lighting Solutions for Every Challenge.

Illume Global can design, manufacture, or supply any type of commercial light fixture, from large-scale decorative chandeliers to high-volume, value-engineered items. Our fixtures can be found in hotels, restaurants, casinos, office buildings, warehouses, and multi-family projects from apartments to senior living facilities.

Our custom fixtures are visually superior in design, materials and light output. Our sourced commercial lighting is always of outstanding quality and cost-competitive by leveraging our direct relationships and avoiding typical distribution channels. We also cross-brand or value-engineer for the appropriate architectural specification and can source directly to the owner/developer or their designated electrical contractor.

Concept to Crisis Solutions

Our capabilities expand beyond designed-to-spec manufacturing to include technical expertise in LED and Germicidal UV lighting applications in commercial spaces. Illume maintains strategic partnerships with major developers of proven Far UV and UVC technology, including proprietary applications that do not damage eyes or skin. We work with design teams to create decoratively enhanced Germicidal UV fixtures using this proven technology.

Domestic or Import

We differentiate ourselves with flexible domestic + import capabilities plus rapid-response service to deliver any lighting requirement on-time and within any budget. That’s why our customers include some of the largest and most demanding brands, developers, designers and purchasing firms in the world.

Domestic Manufacturing

Our US facilities offer a highly diverse level of manufacturing capabilities, working with any material, including wood, metal, crystal, fabric, hand blown glass and acrylics. We manufacture small to very large-scale fixtures.

Import Manufacturing

Our trusted factories manufacture high-quality, high-value custom lighting in higher quantities to meet your quality, design, and budget requirements. From hanging fixtures to wall-mounted, our fixtures can be value engineered while maintaining your design intent and visual quality integrity.

Portable Lighting

Typical guestroom lighting, table and floor lamps of any style with or without USB and charging ports. Domestically or offshore produced.

LED Strip Lighting

From LED flat panels to flexible strip lighting, we can customize any size based on the needs of the project and can be surface mounted or inset during the constructions process. With or without color control. Completely customizable.

Commercial Lighting

Providing commercial light fixtures to exact project specifications or value-engineered alternates. At some of the most competitive prices in the market today.

LED Retrofit

Energy-saving LED analysis and retrofit services available nationwide.